Shaping the future of shipping.

Lets stop looking at A-B and start looking at the entire network. Instead of finding the shortest path for each truck, Fast Trek creates a shortest path for all of the containers at once.

We make the world go round with fewer trucks on the roads





Meet Fast Trek

Merging logistics to reduce congestion, travel time and carbon emissions.

For Companies

Fast Trek is the new layer of optimization for your companies’ needs. Not only looking at single trips, we optimize all of them at once, merging and splitting so your fleet has more active trucks fully utilized - meaning an overall fleet optimization not seen before.

A faster fleet

By reducing the overall travel time of your fleet, we make it faster and more efficient. This means less delays and better customer satisfaction. Book a meeting with us to find out more!

A network of trips

We track all your containers, trailers and trucks to optimize the entire network. By working with your drivers in real time, we find where we can optimize your entire network instead of just the route from A-B.

Simply more efficient

Along with a groundbreaking way of looking at your network, we also track your vehicles’ and drivers’ status, tracking any issues or maintenance requirements - reporting on them before they happen. Our excellent reporting tool means your information is easily legible enabling quick and efficient decision making.

For Drivers

An easy to use app, that updates and tracks the work orders in real time, making the process of pick-ups and deliveries as smooth as possible. Making the work easier, the flow better and the routing cleaner.

Live reporting

By reporting issues and status of work orders live, you’ll have an overview of your operation like never before, enabling you to quickly react to any changes or issues in your fleet, minimizing the risk of delays or mistakes.


Making work more engaging by assigning points to deliveries, timing, and good conduct, Fast Trek helps the overall optimization of your organization in more ways than one. Reward your drivers for good performance and boost productivity while at it!

Easier work

Instantaneous work orders, clear directions and fully digital workflow means your drivers can focus on the task at hand and not worry about paperwork or bureaucracy. This means less time is wasted and more effort goes into your customers being satisfied.

Fast Trek makes your bottom line green, and the environment greener.

A simple but powerful overview

Get instant updates and feedback on your drivers, fleet and work orders. See where they are, and who can optimize the Fast Trek way.

Live optimization options

If Fast Trek detects a way to optimize a trip, whether it’s being placed or already going, you’ll be notified and able to reduce costs through the click of a button.

Green together

Making the bottom line green has never been greener. Save on emissions, hours and expenses by using Fast Trek for your fleet.

Smooth workflow

Easily import, upload, scan or type in work orders and waybills.

Instant updates

As soon as your trips are scheduled, your drivers get the notification and directions on what and where they’re doing and going. As simple as that - instantly optimized!

Why Fast Trek?

We make you greener

There’s many types of pollution, and Fast Trek helps reducing all that concern inland hauling. From corrosion to carbon footprint, our system makes you greener with each use.

We get you there cheaper

Why use two trucks when one is enough? Fast Trek identifies trips where FCL inland hauling can be merged - saving on man-hours and truck use.

We’re adaptive

Fast Trek is a predictive tool that analyzes anything from traffic patterns to driver performance, loading patterns and vehicle maintenance, and much more.

Proud part of the EIT City Logistics Accelerator 2022