Based in Stockholm, going for a global impact

Fast Trek is a cutting-edge technology startup headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, poised to revolutionize the road logistics industry on a global scale. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms and real-time data analytics, Fast Trek is dedicated to optimizing and streamlining the complex process of road transportation, from point of purchase to international freight.

We build tech for road logistics

Inefficiencies in traditional logistics routing often lead to inefficient loading and reduced performance. Fast Trek's Route Optimizer addresses these issues, enhancing route clarity and performance with AI, while driving cost and emission reductions through data-driven decision-making.

Global impact, local savings

Fast Trek's AI-driven road logistics solution enhances global transportation efficiency, reducing congestion and carbon emissions. Not only do we promote a sustainable future, but our tailored approach also offers significant local savings for businesses. Through optimized routing, reduced fuel use, and improved fleet utilization, businesses can cut costs and strengthen their bottom lines. At Fast Trek, our mission intertwines global environmental progress with local economic benefit, ensuring a brighter future for the world and the communities we serve.

Meet team Fast Trek

Jósep Thórhallsson

Founder & CEO

David Gabor

Co-founder & CTO

Luis Werner Grau

Co-founder & Head of Business

Thomas Marschall




Meet the team behind Fast Trek – a melting pot of talent and expertise spanning across the Nordics, hailing from Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden. Working on revolutionizing the road logistics industry on a global scale, our passion is in finding innovative solutions to large scale problems.

Guided by industry veteran advisors bringing decades of real-world experience and strategic insights, with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the logistics realm, we work together with our advisors on our commitment to optimizing road logistics worldwide.